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Medicare Funding for Osteopathy

Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) / Enhanced Primary Care (EPC)

Patients living with chronic musculoskeletal conditions (typically longer than 3-6 months) may be eligible for a Team Care Arrangement (TCA) as part of a Chronic Disease Management Plan. Under a TCA, patients can access up to 5 Medicare subsidised* allied health visits (including Osteopathy appointments) per calendar year. TCAs must be arranged by your GP, so speak to your preferred medical practitioner to discuss if a TCA is right for you. 

* Please note, not all practitioners bulk bill and there may still be an out-of-pocket or GAP fee for these appointments depending on the provider. Patients who have booked an appointment under a Medicare EPC/TCA plan MUST have a copy of the valid plan and their Medicare card with them during the initial consultation. Patients who do not have the plan with them at the time of the appointment will be charged the regular consultation fee.